Charlotte Tilbury - Coming to Dubai

16th May 2018
Danielle Kay working at Charlotte Tilbury Dubai, placed by Retail Avenue Recruitment

Charlotte Tilbury store has arrived in Fashion Avenue of Dubai Mall! Retail Avenue had the pleasure of placing Danielle Kaye in her new role as Flagship Store Manager and we caught up with her on life in Dubai since relocating her here from the UK!

What made you want to relocate to Dubai?

I’ve always loved visiting Dubai, and after working in retail for the past 14 years in the UK, the intrigue and buzz of the retail world and the malls of Dubai was something I was desperate to experience. Franchising has always been of interest to me that combined with exploring the market in a fast paced, exciting environment pushed me to explore opportunities with brands sitting under Alshaya 

How do you feel about being part of the new Flagship Charlotte Tilbury Store in Dubai! 

Charlotte is someone whose success I’ve followed for a long time, from when she opened her first counter in Selfridges to her worldwide domination which has now bought her to the Middle East. I am bursting with excitement that I get to debut Charlotte and her amazing brand to the market in Dubai, I have every confidence that we are going to be a huge success and judging by the reception we’ve had so far, we’re in for an exciting year! 

What do you love about the Charlotte Tilbury brand?

I love that Charlotte wants every woman to be the most beautiful version of themselves! Beauty comes from confidence, self-love and giving a woman the right makeup and watching her conquer the world! Charlotte herself exudes positivity, passion and it’s impossible not to fall in love with her and her fabulous products, her YouTube videos had me hooked from day 1! 

How did you begin your career in Retail?

My first job at university was in retail, it was a part time job that eventually formed my career. I fell in love with the emotional connections you create with customers every day, they immediately become your best friends for the time they spend in your store. I love making people feel good, plus I am the ultimate shopaholic so I guess that firsthand experience meant a career in retail was inevitable! 

Who is your favorite fashion brand and what influences your personal style?

Being biased, I’d have to say Missguided a British fashion brand I had the pleasure of working for. Like Charlotte, they believe in women being the most beautiful when they’re themselves quoting, ‘keep on being you it’s a really great look’ I enjoy brands which advocate positivity to females, promoting self love regardless of shape, size or supposed ‘imperfections’. I honestly believe beauty radiates from confidence and happiness, clothing is all in how you style it! 

What would you recommend to candidates wanting to relocate to Dubai?

Do your homework, learn about the different cultures in Dubai. Teams are often made up of many different nationalities and religions, it helps to have some prior knowledge of the different people you may be working with. I am about to work through my first Ramadan and it’s helped to have knowledge of this religious month, what it means for the teams I am working with, what it means for me, and how I can support my teams during this time. 

When does the new Charlotte Tilbury Store open?

June 28th and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone to come and experience Charlotte’s world! We’ll be in Dubai Mall on the ground floor...see you in there darlings!

Would you recommend Retail Avenue to others looking for work? 

Absolutely, my experience from first contacting Retail Avenue, to job offer, was smooth, quick and I was kept informed at every step. Since arriving in Dubai, I’ve had further support from Retail Avenue, they’ve checked in with me, offered assistance and guidance which was unexpected but greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Tilbury team with Danielle Kay in Dubai

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